What is a "Promo Code"?

A "Promo Code" is a type of rate discount that you can create in your NightsBridge Setup.

These are exclusive rates are only made available when the code (made up of letters and numbers) has been entered on your NightsBridge booking form.

When applied on your booking form, these Promo Codes allow prospective guests to unlock special, discounted rates that they would not otherwise have access to.

Why would I setup Promo Code rates?

  • Promo Codes are an effective way to incentivise commission-free direct bookings via your own website and booking form.
  • They can be used reward good customers or to encourage bookings at certain times.
  • Promo Codes are great marketing tools as they can be easily tied to special dates, events or time periods or customised for groups or individuals.
  • They are easy to share on social media, via email or on your own website.

To encourage new or repeat direct bookings.

You can use Promo Codes to drive direct bookings on your own booking form. This could be done via a marketing email to past guests or via a social media post to your followers.

When they have the Promo Code, they can then go to your booking form and then apply the code to see the discount.

To reward good customers.

You may have a company (tour operator) or agent that books with you frequently, and you would like to offer them their own special discount that no one else has access to.

Note: If you have a contracted rate with an agent/tour operator, it would be best to rather create an STO rate sheet and then give them a client login.

Read more about this here.

How does the guest apply the Promo Code?

There are 2 ways that the guest can apply their Promo Code to the booking form.

Click here to read more about how Promo Codes work.

1. Add the Promo Code directly on the booking form.

Clicking on this question will allow you to enter and apply the Promo Code.

NB: This question will not show if you do not have any valid promo codes set up for current/future dates.

Click here to see more information about how to use the Promo Code "straight-to-the-rate" link.

How should I tell my guests about my Promo Codes?

Use marketing channels.

There are multiple ways of doing this.

  • Email campaigns using Mailchimp to your past guests in order to encourage them to book again.
  • Provide a promo code to all your guests that are staying with you currently to encourage them to book with you again at a "lower rate" than if they were a first time guest.
  • Post on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) a promotion with the promo code in order to encourage your followers (past guests and prospective guests) to book with you.

What should I say?

When marketing Promo Codes it's a good idea to explain both the offer itself and  how the guest can redeem the code.

Here's a good example of how you could explain a Promo Code offer to a guest when marketing a Black Friday promotion on social media:

Black Friday Accommodation Special!

Take advantage of our Black Friday special offer at Cosy Guest House this November! Get 50% off any stay until 30 Nov 2020. Bookable from 10 November 2020 only.

Go to www.cosyguesthouse.co.za and use Promo Code COSYBFRIDAY2020

To redeem this promo code offer: Enter the code on the Cosy Guest House booking form, select the dates you would to book, and click Check Availability to find the discounted rates.

How else could I use them?

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How do these Promo Codes get pushed to channels?

They do not.

Promo Codes are only available on your own website. Therefore, if you create a promotion code on your NightsBridge setup, this will only be bookable on your own website and will not be available via any channels.

How can I see that a booking was made using a Promo Code?

You will see the Promo Code in the booking notes on the booking confirmation email or on your Property Management System (Eg. BridgeIT calendar). It will show "Promotion code applies: XXXX ".

These notes are available in your Booking System as well as in the booking confirmation email that's sent to you.