How do I set up a "Promo Code"?

If you're running exclusive discounts and offers, you might want to set up a "Promo Code" that you can distribute via your marketing campaigns.

If you need to know more about what a "Promo Code" is and how it works, click here.

This tutorial will explain how to create a "Promo Code" Rate Discount in your NightsBridge Setup.

Open Rate Discount in setup.

If you're not sure how to do this, please check this tutorial on how to find this section in the setup.

Click on "Add" in order to create your new special.

Make sure that you've selected "Promo Code" as the type of Rate Discount.

If you would like to know more about the other types of Rate Discounts, please click here.

Add the percentage discount that you would like to apply.

Enter a % amount that you would like to discount your best available rate (BAR). This is the discount that will be displayed once the guest applies the discount code when they're making their booking on your booking form.

Type in the Promo Code you're going to advertise.

Use a Code that's going to be easy to remember for you and your guests. For example, use a code that would be representative of the type of promotion that you're running.

In this example, we're running a "Summer Promotion" that's going to be valid for the month of December 2021. We've therefore named the promo "DEC21".

There is also a link provided that brings you straight to the rate discount you've applied. This link can be used as an alternative to distributing the actual code. Alternatively, you could use the link to test the discount you're applying.

Click here for more info about how to use this link.

OPTIONAL: You could add more Promo Code variations to access the same discount.

Adding additional codes will create another link.

You can remove them by clicking on the red bin icon on the right.

Add a name for the promotion or Promo Code that you're creating.

This name is for your internal reference only and is NOT the actual promo code that you're providing to your guest.

Use a name that gives you an indication as to what you're using the Promo Code for.

E.g. If you're running a particular marketing campaign, you may want to name your Promo Code as such.

Add the dates that you want the Promo Code to cover.

This section will allow you to add the dates that the promotion will be valid for. Therefore, if you want your promotion to be only valid for the following month or for a particular period of time, you will need to set the applicable dates to begin and end during those dates.

You can add multiple date ranges that the promo covers. For example, you can use the same promo code for two different marketing campaigns that cover different months.

Would you like to setup price pointing?

Price pointing allows you to setup your prices so that they're rounded to a specific price. E.g If the price is R500 per night, you can setup the price pointing to round off to R499 per night.

  • Price Rounding: You can setup the price rounding which means that the price will be rounded to the nearest R1, R5, R10, R100 etc. This is useful when you have rates that are not whole numbers and you would like round off the price.
  • Price Pointing: You can then setup your price pointing to then round the price to the nearest 99 or 95 if the rate change ends up on a 100 or 1000 denomination. Therefore if your rate is R1000, the system will then round your prices to R999.

Does the promo code apply to any specific room types/meal plans?

If you only want your promo code to apply to a specific room type or meal plan, you're able to set this up here.

You would first need to click on the slider to turn off the setting that applies the promo code to all room types/meal plans. Once you've done that, then you can tick the boxes to choose which room types and meal plans the promo code will apply to.

For display purposes, the Rates Grid will always automatically show all room types by default. This does not mean that a discount would be applied to that room type, it will just make it available for you to adjust your rates there.

When you're happy with your selection, save and publish your setup.

Once you're finished with setting your preferences, you will then need to save and then publish the setup.

Make a test booking for yourself.

It's always recommended that you test to see if you've set up the promo code correctly by double checking on your own website and maybe make a test booking.

You could also use the straight to the rate link.