How to change the Rate Discount name that displays on the Booking Form.

NightsBridge recently updated the Booking Form to bring your Rate Discounts into the "View Specials" brochure on your Booking Form. You may need to update the Rate Name that you've previously set up as this name is now visible to the guest.

The Rate discount name is very important you it will let guest know what type of discounts you are offering.

Open Rate Discounts in your NightsBridge Setup.

If you're not sure how to do this, please check this tutorial on how to find this section in the setup.

Click on the specific Rate Discount that you want to edit.

If you would like to create a NEW Rate Discount, please click here.

Edit the name for the Rate Discount to how you want it to appear on your NightsBridge booking form.

When adding the rate discount name make sure not to add any strange characters as it won't be appealing to your potential guests.

Note: If the name exceeds 20 characters, we will display the discount name as "Discount".

Click 'Save'.

Go to your NightsBridge booking form and click 'View Specials'.

Scroll down to see your Rate Discounts display to check how the name appears.

Alternatively, you could also check the rate discount name that appears in the room selection.

You can repeat the process with any Rate Discounts you have set up and for any new Rate Discounts you wish to add.