What is a "Last Minute" Rate Discount?

This tutorial will explain what a Last Minute Rate Discount is and when you would want to use it.

If you've linked Booking.com with NightsBridge, we will send this rate to Booking.com as a "Last Minute deal"

The "Last Minute" Rate Discount is a type of discount that you can setup on NightsBridge.

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When would I need to use this Rate Discount?

If you would like to discount your rates for guests who are booking last minute, you could use this feature.

It allows you to increase or decrease your rates for guests who are booking less than a set amount of days or months before arrival. This could be useful if you would like to offer guests a special rate if they're booking last minute in order to fill up your last available rooms, which can be particularly useful during off-peak season when you haven't received as many bookings.

What are the periods of validity?

This rate discount will only apply if someone is booking less than the set amount of nights before arrival - usually this would be within a week or less.

If you setup a last minute discount with 7 days as the requirement, the guest has to setup their arrival date 7 days or less from today for the special rate to show. However, if the guest is trying to book for 7 days or more from today, the discount will not apply.

Where does this last minute special go to?

Nightsbridge Booking Form - Mozilla Firefox
  • Booking Form (Own Website).
  • Booking.com.
  • AirBnB.