How do I use "Promo Codes"?

Promo Codes are just one of the ways you can create discounted rate offers to help increase commission-free, direct bookings from your own website.

Here we share some basic tips on how to use them effectively.

What are the different types of Promo Codes?

Promo Codes for targeted time periods.

You can create and share a Promo Code to help generate direct bookings around certain time periods such as:

1. Themed promotions

Encourage forward bookings by creating a promo codes that offers a discount on stays booked during a certain time period.

Promo Code: BRAAIDAY

Offer a discount on stays booked for the Heritage Day long weekend.


Offer a discount on stays booked in August (Women's month).


2. Online sales

A good example of this type of promotion is a traditional Black Friday online sale. These are often referred to as Flash Sales, where a discount is offered that has a limited booking window to book for a stay during any desired period. This is a great way of motivating guests to book immediately before they miss out on the deal.

Promo Code: BLKFRI21

Booking window: 26 November - 3 December 2021

Travel period that the discount applies to: 1 February - 31 August 2022

Repeat booking incentives

This type of promotion is a great way to encourage individual regular or returning guests to book direct with you next time.


Send a personal email offering a small discount for their next visit along with a 'straight-to-the-rate' link to make the booking.

Rewards for good customers or booking agents

This type of promotion is effective if you want to find a way to incentivise repeat business and to reward Agents that bring you a lot of bookings.


Offer them a Promo Code that will unlock a further discount if they increase the the amount of bookings they bring you. This is a nice incentive for your agents to motivate more bookings with you.

Exclusive discounts for groups

Create special discount for groups attending events or functions such as weddings.

Promo Code: J+SWEDDING

Offer a discount for the friends and family of a wedding party if they book directly with you.